5. A Back to the Future Flux Capacitor USB charger that will have you ready to do a little time traveling.

Promising Review: “I loved this and gave it to a couple of family members. They thought it was hilarious, and immediately put in their cars. It’s a fun item to have and works very well.” —Amazon Customer

6. A set of car headrest hooks you can use to keep purses, bookbags, and even grocery bags within reach.

Promising Review: “I ordered a pair of these hooks for my wife’s car so she’d have places to hang her waste bin, purse, and other bags. They went on with a quick snap. And they have stayed in place with no issues.” —Amazon Customer

7. A DIY car molding strip, so you can quickly dress up your vehicle’s interior in the coolest way.

Promising Review: “I like the color of the strip and how easy it is to squeeze and fit into the cracks of your car’s interior. It fits even if there is a tiny space. And it stays put as long as the space is not bigger than the size of the strip.” —Amazon Customer

8. An adorable seatbelt pad to keep your little one super comfy while riding in a car seat.

Promising Review: “I bought these to help support my newborn’s head in his carseat and stroller. I slide them all the way to the top of the strap, so that his little head is fully supported when we go over bumps. They work very well, and I definitely appreciate having them.” —Amazon Customer



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