Without cars, most people would be lost. After all, we rely on them to take us to our jobs, bring home our groceries, and drop the kids to their after school activities. Those who commute to work might actually find themselves spending more time inside their vehicles than they ever bargained for.

Thanks to these amazing car hacks, every driver can make their lives so much easier by saving time, creating extra space, or making their vehicles like a home from home.

35-Hand sanitizer will unfreeze your keyhole

Many of us are familiar with using hand sanitizer thanks to the situation around the world in 2020. Apart from keeping infection at bay, hand sanitizer actually has a role to play in helping drivers out.

Hand sanitizer will unfreeze your keyhole

The cleaning gel wastes no time in cutting through any frozen keyhole, letting you slip your key inside and get on the move again. So long as you’ve got your trusty hand sanitizer in your pocket, you can make sure getting frozen out of your car is a thing of the past.

34-Shoes make great cup holders

Although it might not be something you’ve ever considered, our shoes make great additional cup holders in our cars. Sometimes the cup holders in our cars simply aren’t big enough, or they might be in an awkward place that makes driving difficult.

Shoes make great cup holders

Thankfully, an old shoe can act as the perfect cup holder, as long as you don’t mind the smell. The foot hole is perfectly sized to hold a cup, and can even be adjusted for those gallon cups you find at gas stations.

33-Hide those scuffs with nail polish

Our cars go through a lot, and the paintwork can often take a beating. Because of where our cars go, they can often end up with scratches thanks to people opening their doors onto our vehicles. It can cost a ton of money to get those scratches repainted…

Hide those scuffs with nail polish

But there is a much cheaper method to remove your unsightly scuffs. Head out to your nearest cosmetics store and find a nail polish that matches the color of your car and paint it on to cover up those small imperfections.

32-Baskets can organize your trunk

Our trunks can become a dumping ground for anything and everything. It’s easy to have a messy trunk because it’s not somewhere we spend much time, so it feels okay to just throw stuff in there blindly.

Baskets can organize your trunk

If the mess in your trunk is becoming an issue, then we recommend getting yourself a couple of baskets like these that you might use for storing laundry. Everything can be organized better in your trunk with a couple of baskets, meaning you no longer have to be embarrassed by your messy car.

31-The trick to keeping your car cool

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have AC in their cars, which can be a real problem in the summer. Hot cars are not fun to sit in, so most people resort to putting down all of their windows to try and get a breeze going.

The trick to keeping your car cool

Putting down all of your windows won’t have the effect you want, as the air just travels from window to window. Instead, opening the front windows and leaving the rear ones closed will force the cool air to circulate and bring that temperature down.

30-Extra storage using mesh bungee net

While some people buy larger cars for the extra room, not everyone has the budget or the ability to. That means they need to get creative and use the space they have for storage. One place in the car that’s often underutilized is the ceiling…

Extra storage using mesh bungee net

But this hack will give you all the storage you need, and more. By adding a mesh bungee net to your car’s ceiling, you can throw anything you might need up there like it’s trapped in a web.

29-Glass cleaner works on wipers too

We use glass cleaner to make sure our windows are nice and clear, so it makes sense that the same cleaning product works for our wipers. By using glass cleaner and a rag on our wipers, we can prolong their life, so we don’t have to buy new ones so often.

Glass cleaner works on wipers too

While cleaning the car is something many people enjoy doing, we often neglect our wiper blades. This simple trick will keep your wipers working for longer, meaning you can concentrate on looking at the road rather than window stains.




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