28-Use a tennis ball as a parking aid

Parking sensors are a common addition to most new cars, but not everyone is fortunate enough to have them just yet. If parking in your garage is a problem, there is a simple trick you can use to get in the perfect place every time.

Use a tennis ball as a parking aid

A tennis ball hanging from a string will act as a parking aid, and when you hit the ball, you know you’ve gone far enough. Thanks to this hack, you can kiss goodbye to hitting the garage wall ever again.

27-Park facing the morning sun

One of the most annoying things about winter is scraping ice from your windshield. As if getting up and heading out into the cold morning isn’t bad enough, you have to sit around for ten minutes waiting for your car to clear.

Park facing the morning sun

One simple way to make life easier on those cold winter mornings is to park your car with the front facing where the sun rises. The sun will start working on that ice when it rises, making the job of scraping it off much easier.

26-Use Home Depot’s carpet scraps

Car mats are an essential for anyone wanting to keep their interior nice and clean. However, if you buy mats from an auto shop, you could be shelling out way more than you want to pay. A much cheaper way to get car mats is to head to Home Depot.

Use Home Depot’s carpet scraps

There you can buy their carpet scraps, which often only cost a few dollars. These scraps are often the perfect size for your car’s floor, although we wouldn’t recommend using them for the driver’s seat unless they come with grips.

25-Keep your takeout warm using tech

Thanks to the added features in most cars, they can feel like your own luxurious retreat. In fact, many people’s cars are actually more comfortable than their homes. One feature that we didn’t know we needed until we had it was heated seats.

Keep your takeout warm using tech

They are great at keeping you warm on those cold days, but they also serve another purpose. If you’re sick of your takeout going cold by the time you get home, pop it on the heated seat, and your food will stay warm for longer.

24-Olive oil is great for collecting dust

Cars seem to be dust magnets, and if left for too long, they can be unsightly. Plus, having all of that dust lying around isn’t the best thing to be breathing in a confined space. Luckily there is a common household item that will collect all of that dust for you…

Olive oil is great for collecting dust

And it goes by the name of olive oil. By rubbing a small amount of the oil onto something like a kitchen towel or coffee filter, you can mop up all of that dust with the greatest of ease.

23-Hooks provide extra grocery bag storage

The grocery store usually involves loading up a ton of bags and then finding somewhere in your car for them all. For people with small trunks, adding hooks to the back of your seats can really add to how much space you have in your car.

Hooks provide extra grocery bag storage

These hooks are perfect for hanging your groceries on, so an overflowing trunk will be a thing of the past. With all of those extra groceries, you’ll now be making fewer trips to the store.

22-Use a dashcam to protect yourself

Dashcams are becoming more and more popular with drivers thanks to the protection they offer people who don’t trust other road users. By recording everything that happens while you’re on the road, now there will be no disputes when it comes to insurance claims.

Use a dashcam to protect yourself

With cold hard proof, drivers can see who was at fault for an accident. In fact, some insurance companies are beginning to insist that drivers use dashcams as standard, and eventually, all journeys will be recorded.



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