Dodge Conversion Van

What do you do if you want a dodge badly but you don’t want to spend all that money? Well this person decided to DIY the dodge car of their dreams and gave their conversion van a makeover. Who says you need a lot of cash to get yourself a dodge? Clearly, you just need an airbrush to create an epic masterpiece!

Alligator On A Truck

This photo of a pick-up truck with an alligator tailgate wrap was taken in Gurnee, Illinois. If you’re wondering if that’s snow you see in the background, well it is. This gator should probably consider moving back to Louisiana or Florida, where it won’t need a jacket in order to go swimming.

Surf’s Up, Bro

Here’s a wrap many would actually like! Who wouldn’t want to get into this cab every time? We know we would. Surf’s up, bro.




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