5. Tinted windows might help if you’re driving a very nice car.

Tinted windows have been associated with big and expensive cars, but it’s not just a matter of keeping things cool and stylish. Opting for these windows might prevent a thief from breaking into your car, since they won’t be able to see what’s inside. The risk is too big and they just don’t have the time. Make sure to learn the limit of thickness for tinted glasses before you install it or have a professional do it for you.

6. Check to see if there’s been a GPS tracker installed on your car.

This measure might only be directed toward very affluent people, who have an extremely expensive car, but this is a tip everyone should know. Sometimes professional thieves will want to monitor your daily routine for a certain amount of time in order to see when and where the best time to steal your car is. They might even want to learn where you’re living and come break into your home. This should make you more careful and aware that a GPS tracker could be under your car from time to time.

7. Never leave documents with your personal information in your car.

If a thief breaks into your car and finds nothing but papers with your name and address on them, they might think of paying a visit now that they know that you are not home. Even if someone else lives in the house with you, you will have already become a target for the thief, who will wait until everyone has left the premises to make their move.

8. Advertise the security system of your car.

Most thieves will walk away if they see a sticker with the alarm your car uses or a blinking light on your car’s dashboard. Even if you don’t really have an alarm, you can just slap on a sticker. However, you should know that real pros will find a way to disable your alarm if they really want your car. What they will do is cut the cable of the battery that is connected to the alarm.

If you have a very expensive car and are afraid of that possibility, you can install a second battery and be the one who has the last laugh.


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