9. Some brands are preferred over others.

Based on The National Insurance Crime Bureau there are car brands that thieves aim at the most and those that they really don’t care about. For example, in 2016, 16,732 models of the Toyota Camry were stolen in the US alone. This piece of information is crucial and should make you look into each year’s most wanted cars to make sure that you protect yours if it’s on that list.

10. Never keep spare keys inside your car.

Some people like to keep a spare set of keys in their car that are either from their car or their house. A former thief says that he’s found spare keys in the glove compartment, center console, door, and change tray, and has driven away with the car like a true gentleman. Now that you know how obvious an action like this is, you should always keep your keys in your house, in a very secure spot that not even house thieves will be able to locate.

11. Install motion sensor lights outside your house.

It’s true that your electric bill will be a little higher than usual, but these lights really do work. Most thieves will keep walking if they see motion sensor lights outside a house that is throwing light right on your parked car. However, you should make sure that the lights are placed in a high place, so that thieves can’t reach them. When they’re placed at a point that is too low, the thieves just unscrew the bulb and carry on with their crimes.

12. Don’t keep money inside your car.

Most people like to keep some spare change or money inside their car for an emergency. When your money is visible, it’s like openly inviting thieves to break into your car. If you still want to keep money in the car, just find a more secure and obscure place to hide it. The ashtray and your overhead mirror are 2 great hiding places.

How useful do you think these precautionary methods are? Can they really prevent thieves from breaking into your car? Please tell us what you think down in the comment section.



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